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  • Town of New Castle | South Greeley Parking Lot Consolidation

  • Village of Pleasantville | Jacob Burns Film Center/Downtown Revitalization

  • City of White Plains | Druss and Gardella Parks

  • City of Peekskill | Drum Hill Senior Living Community

  • City of Yonkers | Joseph A. Cerrato Park

  • Town of Lewisboro | Oakridge Condominiums

  • Town of Cortlandt | Bear Mountain Road Tollhouse

  • Town of Yorktown | Railroad Station Park

  • City of New Rochelle | Huguenot Children’s Library and Park

  • City of Peekskill | Peekskill Station

  • Village of Dobbs Ferry | Livingston Manor

  • Washingtonville Housing Alliance | Washingtonville Affordable Housing Project

  • City of New Rochelle | 5 Islands Park

  • City of Yonkers | Untermeyer Park

  • City of White Plains | White Plains Beautification Foundation

2012 Award Winners

Celebrating Outstanding Contributions to Planning in Westchester County

Planning Achievement Awards

Town of New Castle | South Greeley Parking Lot Consolidation
The Town of New Castle succeeded in unifying a collection of uncoordinated, poorly designed parking lots into a cohesive, functional design by negotiating cooperation among eleven individual owners of the abutting lots.

Town of New Castle | South Greeley Parking Lot Consolidation

South Greeley Parking Lot Consolidation
Town of New Castle

Village of Ossining | Architectural Design Guidelines
The Village of Ossining created model guidelines that will ensure the village will maintain its architectural character and achieve design excellence in newly created buildings.

Village of Ossining | Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Guidelines
Village of Ossining

Village of Ossining Architectural Guidelines

Village of Pelham Manor | Business District Revitalization
The Village of Pelham Manor attracted major retailers and top notch developers to redevelop a declining industrial section of the village while maintaining high design and technical standards.

Village of Pelham Manor | Business District Revitalization

Business District Revitalization
Village of Pelham Manor

Pelham Manor – Business District Revitilization

City of White Plains | East Post Road Comprehensive Planning and Plan Implementation

The City of White Plains successfully implemented its comprehensive plan by transforming several underutilized and vacant parcels into parking spaces for White Plains Hospital and the surrounding residential and retail community, and by providing for an 86-unit assisted living facility.

City of White Plains | East Post Road Comprehensive Planning and Plan Implementation

East Post Road Comprehensive Planning and Plan Implementation
City of White Plains

White Plains – East Post Road Plan

City of Yonkers | Downtown Form-Based Zoning Code
The City of Yonkers, to revitalize and transform its downtown, created a new form based zoning district which allows for a wide variety of permissible uses while preserving the character of the downtown. This zoning provides for a high degree of certainty of what can be developed on each lot and for the pre-development review of each site.

City of Yonkers | Form-Based Zoning Code

Form-Based Zoning Code
City of Yonkers

Commendations for Outstanding Planning Achievement

Village of Rye Brook Fair and Affordable Housing Floating Zone District
The Village of Rye Brook’s pro-active stance on the issue of providing and promoting fair and affordable housing resulted in the creation of a floating zone tailored for affordable housing developments.

Rye Brook Fair Affordable Housing

Village of Rye Brook – Fair Affordable Housing Floating Zone

Village of Mamaroneck Restoration and Adaptive Reuse of the Mamaroneck Train Station
The Village of Mamoronexk stressed historic preservation and adaptive reuse in the rebirth of the 19th century Richardsonian train station turned restaurant.

Mamaroneck Train Station

Village of Mamaroneck – Adapative Re-Use of Train Station Building

Village of Mamaroneck Comprehensive Plan
The Village of Mamoroneck’s Comprehensive Plan update exemplifies progressive planning theory and techniques into a unified, actionable plan.

Mamaroneck Comprehensive Plan

Village of Mamaroneck Comprehensive Plan

Westchester County “Brook” at Tibbetts Brook Park
The Westchester County Parks, Recreation and Conservation renovated the 81-year old public pool in the City of Yonkers into an impressive aquatic recreation facility worthy of inclusion into any top resort or theme park.

Westchester County Tibbets Brook Park

Westchester County & Village of Port Chester Fox Commons Townhomes & Edgewood Park Improvements
The Westchester County Department of Planning partnered with the Village of Port Chester to create 35 affordable townhomes on an unused residual lot and provide enhancements to a neighboring park.

Fox Commons and Edgewood Park

Fox Commons Townhomes and Edgewood park Improvements

Distinguished Citizen Planner Awards

C. Alan Mason
Town of Mamaroneck Planning Board
and Coastal Zone Management Commission

Alan Mason contributed his time, energy, and knowledge to the betterment of the Town of Mamaroneck and has played a critical role in addressing flooding in his community. He served on the Town Planning Board from 2003 – 2011 and as a member of the Water Control Commission from 1976 – 1981. He chaired the Coastal Zone management Commission from 1982 – 1984 and continued to serve as a member until 2002.

Alan Mason
John Garment John Garment
City of White Plains Planning Board & Zoning Board of Appeals

John Garment has contributed to the thoughtful development of the City of White Plains for more than 25 years. He served on the city’s Planning Board from 1994 – 2006, and as Chairman from 2006 – 2010 and was instrumental in the 1997 revision of the city’s Comprehensive Plan and the 2006 update. He served on the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals from 1985 – 1994 and on the Capital Projects Review Board.

President’s Award for Distinguished Service

Cheryl Winter Lewy
Westchester County Planning Board

Cheryl Winter Lewy has utilized her great creativity and enthusiasm in a wide variety of issues and interests to make Westchester a better place to live, work, and visit. Her insights and knowledge of local governments provided vision and direction to the County Planning Board over her nine years of service, beginning in 2003, and as Chair from 2004 – 2011. Her commitment to good planning was demonstrated in her advancement of the Westchester 2025: Plan Together initiative, a new model for regional long-range land use planning. She assisted with the work of the Westchester Rockland Tappan Zee Futures Task Force and in engaging the I-287 communities in discussions of transit oriented development. Ms. Lewy served as Mayor of the Village of Larchmont from 1992 – 2001.

Cheryl Lewy

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